Dragon City

Introducing the game - Dragon City 


Dragon City is a game developed by Social Point in which you lift your dragons to get the most amazing and surprising creatures. GameZoo's strategy guide and walkthrough, Dragon City, gives you a quick start guide, tips and tricks, tips and tricks to help you raise your best dragonmate Dragon City.


Dragon Bases You can add a new dragon to your island by making an egg from two dragons or rolling out an egg that you buy right away. You can start breeding by clicking on the breeding ground and selecting "Race". There you select the two dragons you want to pair with and wait for an egg to appear.


Click on it to hatch it in the hatchery and wait until your baby dragon is born. By carrying your dragon, he will go up a level, become stronger in battle and generate more gold yields. The story of some dragons says they prefer a certain type of food, but choosing the food you choose on the farm makes no difference.


the end product is simply "food". The main attraction of Dragon City is of course in the breeding experiences of all kinds of dragons, from the simple dragon of the earth to the unique dragon of the penguins, to the majestic star dragon.


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Each dragon can mate with another dragon to produce an egg, because there is no distinction between male dragons and female dragons in the city of dragons. The success rate, however, can vary greatly from species to species.


The basic rules are:


Breeding an elementary dragon with a different type of element will always produce a new type of dragon. In some cases, different dragons can be chopped by matching the same pair of dragons.


For example, coupling a dragon from the earth with a fire dragon sometimes produces a Flaming Rock dragon, while at other times it produces a volcanic dragon.


Raising an elementary dragon with a hybrid dragon (the result of raising two other dragons) or a hybrid dragon with another hybrid dragon will in some cases only produce a new type of dragon. For example, raising a mud dragon with a black dragon will produce a Poo dragon.


However, raising a Flaming Rock dragon with a dragon from the earth will produce another dragon of the earth. If you fail at the beginning, try again. Some species of dragons can be very difficult to reproduce, but keep trying and you can eventually get the rarest species. Some combinations of elementary dragons can not reproduce.


For example, an ice dragon can never breed with a fire dragon, and there are a number of other combinations that can not happen again. However, incompatible dragon hybrids can still breed.


For example, an ice dragon can still breed with a laser dragon (fire + electricity). The offspring will, however, be one of the elemental element dragons. Balance the resources of your base To keep your dragons happy, feed and reproduce, you clearly need resources such as gold and food.


These sources can be obtained in three ways: growing food on food companies, collecting gold from your dragons or a dragon market. Finishing missions reward you with gold, experience points or gems.